Topic 1: Transparent Supply Chain

Topic 2: Artificial Intelligence


Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Countries: United States, Sweden, China, Estonia, Germany, France, Japan, Poland, United Kingdom, Russia, Italy, Egypt, India, Italy, Republic of Korea, Brazil, Bulgaria, Democratic Republic of Congo

Topic 1: Transparent Supply Chain

The supply chain of goods sold in the world today does not appear in all its complexity and consequences to the eyes of the customers. The standards of working in which most chinese companies employ their working force are not clear for the buyers, and therefore the situation is not on its way toward an improvement on ethical and sustainable grounds. The discussion for a more transparent supply chain is set for the next UNHRC meeting agenda.


Topic 2: Artificial Intelligence

The development of artificial intelligence and its fast democratization in our everyday life has not enabled the people to keep control on the power and implication of a complex and yet so intrusive presence of worldwide data collecting companies in our privacy. UNHRC will address this topic and try to identify where the limit and safeguard stand for the respect of everyone's liberty and privacy.