Topic: The Presidential Election in the USA


Difficulty Level: Beginner

Countries: France, USA, Russia, Germany, Japan, China, United Kingdom, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Norway, South Africa, Irak, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India, Australia, South Korea, Poland, Ukraine, Argentina, Tunisia, Pakistan

Topic: The Presidential Election in the USA

On the night of November the 3rd, 2020, the results of the Presidential Election in the USA designated Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States of America. But on the morning of November the 4th, the biggest concern of the political observers became true. As the sun was rising in the sky of Washington, Donald Trump woke up in the Lincoln Bedroom, took his phone and sent the most important tweet of the history of the social media : “ The election was rigged. I won’t leave the Oval Office. FAKE NEWS”